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Pet Taxi T's & C's

We charge R680.00 for pick-up and drop-off within a 8 km radius of our clinic, this INCLUDES our veterinary consultation fee. 

Please note that the above amount excludes additional medication and tests which may be required at the time of consultation.

Payment is due in the form of EFT at the time of reservation or prior to the appointment date. 

Once a reservation is made we will email you a pet history & consent form to sign electronically. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • I accept my responsibility in the proper restraint of my pet prior to transport for the safety of my pet and the driver/handler.

  • I attest to the fact that all licenses and vaccinations required by the city and county in which I reside are current and available for verification. If my pet(s) is not current I will be responsible for any incidences that arise from complications associated with the lack of proper vaccinations.

  • I will knowingly and with good faith not create an appointment for an aggressive pet(s)** that may intentionally injure another animal, driver/handler or person in proximity. I will also be responsible for any physical damage done to the Taxi or restraints required to securely transport my pet(s).

  • Payment is due in the form of EFT at the time of reservation or prior to the appointment date. If you would like to make a Payment in the form of Cash or Check (payable to Kyalami Main Vet) you must call and schedule the appointment by phone and pay at the time of pick-up.

  • Refunds will only be given if a cancellation is made prior to the scheduled pick up time. A R200.00 fee will be applied to all returned checks.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service

  • Pet Taxi subject to vehicle and driver availability*

*Our pet-worthy taxi may be in for upgrades or servicing 

**Please enquire with our vets how we can help manage fractious animals

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